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Full Moon Lucy Vincent, HMP, 30" x 40", 1999  

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Fabric Collage / Artist Statement

I create 'fabricated paintings' by deconstructing the original patterns and pictures in fabrics and reintegrating them into a new image. This new medium, is a natural evolution of my work as a fiber artist. From weaving to papermaking and now fabric collage...I am still working with the same materials, fiber and in particular, cotton fiber.

I have been a handmade papermaker / pulp-painter for twenty-five years. The restrictions of the medium, particularly the inability to create detailed images as well as the difficulty in creating bright, saturated colors has been a limitation in my work.

This new direction of my work has been inspired by the 'free quilting' movement and the incredible production of unique fabrics for the quilting industry. I can use the intrinsic qualities of fabrics, colors, patterns, textures and images as a painting medium to express ideas and artistic concerns that I could not as a papermaker. Essentially, cutting the fabric to recreate the narrative.

The landscapes I created as a papermaker were feeling based whereas my work in fabric collage is idea or narrative based. I appreciate the economy of materials in fabric collage. No heavy equipment and specialized studio space. I can work anywhere, all I need is fabric, scissors and glue.

Fabric collage allows me to explore greater narrative expression as well as spiritual and philosophical ideas that interest me.

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