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The Promise of Enlightenment: Transcendence, Fabric Collage, 24 x 48, 2006  

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I am a certified Reiki Master and Alexander Technique Instructor combining the neuromuscular re-education teachings of the Alexander Technique and the relaxation benefits of Reiki.

Bodywork therapy is a general term that refers to a group of body-based approaches to treatment that emphasize manipulation and realignment of the body's structure in order to improve its function as well as the client's mental outlook.

The purpose of bodywork therapy is the correction of problems in the client's overall posture, connective tissue, and/or musculature in order to bring about greater ease of movement, less discomfort, and a higher level of energy in daily activity. Some forms of bodywork have as a secondary purpose the healing or prevention of repetitive stress injuries, particularly for people whose occupations require intensive use of specific parts of the body (such as dancers, musicians, professional athletes, opera singers, etc.) Bodywork may also heal or prevent specific musculoskeletal problems, such as lower back pain or neck pain.

Bodywork therapies are holistic in that they stress increased self-awareness and intelligent use of one's body as one of the goals of treatment. Some of these therapies use verbal discussion, visualization or guided imagery along with movement education to help clients break old patterns of moving and feeling.

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