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"We have no art, we do everything the best we can." _From the Balinese

The Faith Quilts Project, founded by Clara Wainwright, provides an opportunity for people of different religious perspectives to express their faith visually through the creation of collaborative quilts. The TBZ / FQP quilts were included in an exhibit of approximately fifty faith quilts in April 2006 at the Boston Center for the Arts, creating a context for citywide dialogue across lines of religious and cultural identity.

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Faith Quilt Project
Fabric Collage
14'H x 7'W, Both Panels

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Beverly Sky, Artistic Director

Temple Beth Zion Faith Quilts

For two and a half years, I worked with a committed group of thirty congregants, men and women of Temple Beth Zion (TBZ) in Brookline, Massachusetts. Together we collaborated and created two 14 ft. x 7 ft. tapestries that express our individual and group connections to Judaism. Participants ranged in age from 10 to 80+years most of whom had no art or sewing training or background. These are not traditional quilts that use specific patterns of squares. These quilts use fabric collage as a medium to create dynamic images of beloved aspects of Judaism. Painting with fabric. At the center of each quilt is a Tree of Life set upon a rich background of an evening sky, titled Chesed or Lovingkindness, and the other, a sunrise, titled Gevurah or Strength. The center panel of each of the two quilts is surrounded by twelve 18"x18" squares created by the individual participants in the project. These images include: The First Day of Creation, Women Holding the Torah, Noah's Ark, Holocaust Spirits, Ancient Hebrew Alphabet and Jerusalem to name a few of the twenty-four unique and magnificent squares. These tapestries were installed in the main sanctuary of TBZ on September 30, 2005. For a more detailed description and beautiful individual photos of the squares please go to the TBZ website and navigate to Faith Quilts:

Book: Art of the Spirit: The Temple Beth Zion Faith Quilts

A beautiful four color 8 1/2" 11" glossy, coffee table style book with thirty digital photographs of the two tapestries, Gevurah and Chesed, twenty four individual squares, the stories behind them, explanations of the various parts of the two tapestries and the mystical, spiritual meanings of the artistic choices that were made in the design and production of these unique quilts.

Book Designed and Produced by Beverly Sky

To order a copy go to: link to

DVD: Art of The Spirit: The Creation of the TBZ Faith Quilts

A thirty-five minute documentary about how thirty people aged 8 to 90, under the artistic guidance of Beverly Sky, spent two years creating the two spectacular 7 foot by 14 foot tapestries that adorn the main Sanctuary at Temple Beth Zion in Brookline, Massachusetts.

DVD Produced and Directed by Beverly Sky
Videographer & Editor: Sasha Lekic

To order a copy go to:


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